Majestic Mountain, North Carolina

Majestic Mountain is a gated community with 175 lots, some already developed with homes, nestled within the Appalachian foothills of western North Carolina.  The average lot size of two acres or more helps to ensure privacy and a close tie with nature. The community is located in the township of Boomer, northeast of the historic township of Ferguson and southwest of Wilkesboro.

History abounds in the area.  Most notably, Daniel Boone tried his hand at farming before settling in Kentucky. The Boone family farmland is nearby and it is very likely they hunted the area that is now Majestic Mountain.

Contained within Majestic Mountain is a common area that boasts a small pond formed by a natural spring. Over the footbridge, near the sheltered picnic area, there is a scenic waterfall created by Pumpkin Creek, cascading over a drop in the natural landscape. 

Amid the natural beauty of Majestic Mountain, one can often encounter a variety of wildlife.  Whitetail deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, woodpeckers, raccoons, hawks, and grouse are around, and the occasional wolf, coyote, mountain lion, and black bear are seen. 

The affairs of Majestic Mountain are governed by an elected seven-person Board of Directors of the Property Owners Association (POA). The Board’s responsibility is to ensure compliance with current Covenants and Bylaws, protect and preserve the existing common property and amenities, and plan for Majestic Mountain’s future. Although the spirit of volunteerism is encouraged within the Majestic Mountain community, experienced professionals are contracted by the Board of Directors, when needed, to help maintain the community. 

Majestic Mountain combines the character of a heavily wooded community with a lifestyle that promotes health, freedom, and serenity.